Arwon asia

pacific focus fund

A unique private/public investment opportunity

The Arwon Asia Pacific Focus Fund (the Fund) aims to deliver superior returns to investors by leveraging its mix of information and networks to create catalysts that can deliver returns.

The Fund targets 20% annualized absolute returns after fees and expenses over rolling 3-5-year periods and is focused on long-term growth, comprising of small and micro capitalization investments, with up to 40% in unlisted securities.

We use our proprietary and industry-specific knowledge and extensive network of contacts to source opportunities and apply our entrepreneurial investment experience into an institutional framework.

We expect our fund to appeal to investors looking for the following:



An opportunity to invest alongside entrepreneurs in companies not normally available in an institutional wrapper



A 3-5 year commitment and an understanding of the risks and volatility commensurate with our approach and its potential returns



A desire to become an active contributor to our network

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