AOP Capital

Our Story

Established in 2016 and licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission, AOP Capital is based in Hong Kong.

Asset Management

We select alternative, uncorrelated fund strategies and work with managers to build successful investment solutions. We offer middle and back-office support and are actively involved in the development of the product.

Wealth Management

We offer experienced private client advisors a licensed infrastructure platform to provide solutions for their clients (our partners).

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide best-in-class alternative investment solutions to our clients and investors. We operate at the intersection of asset management, capital advisory, and wealth  management, applying an Alternative Mindset to our solutions.


AOP Capital has extensive reach through

Our Investment Philosophy

Markets are inefficient and becoming more so
Positive returns are possible in all markets
Beta is free, only active returns will be rewarded
Performance is paramount
A core and satellite approach can cater for most investor references
Diseconomies of scale exist in asset management, bigger is not necessarily better

We Believe

Pie Chart We believe

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